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Semi-Official Techstacks Tools Launch

I've put up a new site running on Google App Engine:  Techstacks Tools.  Presently, there are a couple of tools there useful for web site administrators and bloggers but I have some ideas for some additional things that should get out on the site soon.  Right now, there are two mini-apps:

bling, which is a port of my blog ping script to run as a web application.  I'm not really sure if developing the command line script will continue unless folks want me to.  I would appreciate any feedback.

smping, which is a subset of bling that is meant for sending out sitemap pings to search engines when a web site has been updated, but the site in question is not a blog (so there is no need to send notifications out to. 

I use both presently whenever I post changes to my blog and to the HOWTO site and they both seem to work well.  I will need to make some additional changes to them in the near future to get a contact form working and to make the required fields actually be required but for version 0.7.5, I'm pretty happy so far.