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Redhat vs. SpringSource: It Ain't Over!

Just when we thought that the great SpringSource vs. Everyone brawl had died down, Redhat returns with a new webinar taking aim directly at SpringSource and "other proprietary frameworks" titled: Java EE 6 and CDI: Moving away from the clutter of Spring and other frameworks.  There isn't much time to register as the webinar is on October 14, 2010 at 12 PM ET.

The abstract of the event is sure to ignite a fire in the hearts of Spring fans and advocates everywhere:  

"Java EE 6 standards and technologies, such as JSR 299 - Contexts & Dependency Injection (CDI), significantly reduce the complexity of earlier versions of J2EE.  Now, using Java EE can be even simpler and take much less time than using proprietary legacy frameworks such as Spring Framework."

Yes, not only is Spring proprietary but is a legacy technology as well!  Oh snap!


Well Played, SpringSource

Well, when I posted news the other day that SpringSource has declared war on this site when they launched TomcatExpert, I did not think that they'd go on the offensive this quickly.  While scrolling through today's tweets, the following post on TomcatExpert caught my eye:  tomcatexpert blog: Myth or truth: One should always use Apache httpd in front of Apache Tomcat to improve performance? (sic).  After mere seconds of viewing what looked to be a very interesting article, SpringSource must have realized who I was and lobbed an Aw, Snap at me, preventing me from reading their stuff:


Touché, TomcatExpert.  

Long-time friends of this site may recognize that I posted a similar question on this blog two years ago (Remember, Dad?), in the post:  "Do I Still Need Apache?" where I state "no, not really but apache httpd is pretty good at connecting to lots of different things in addition to tomcat".  And this was without the need for fancy tables, test results from a celebrity tomcat committer, or other compelling sources of evidence!  No, I prefer to assume that it took SpringSource 2 years to come up with a rebuttal to "Do I Still Need Apache?".  Well, the war of the tomcat blogs is officially underway.


JBoss Takes on SpringSource with Open Choice Trio

Using reality as a blueprint for their application server strategy, Redhat announced today the third in a trio of Open Choice application server products.  Recognizing that many development shops are not EJB-only or Spring-only, Redhat/JBoss is taking the stance that developers should be able to use whatever framework they want in their application server containers and that Redhat has something for everyone..

The three products in JBoss Open Choice comprise the JBoss Enterprise Web Server, the JBoss Enterprise Web Platform, and the JBoss Enterprise Application Platform.

The JBoss Enterprise Web Server is geared towards "traditional" web applications.  Some jsp's, servlets, perhaps some database driven content.  Stuff that Tomcat has been generating on the web for ever.

The newly announced JBoss Enterprise Web Platform is an implementation of the J6EE Web profile.  This will be those applications that utilizing JSF, CDI, JTA, JPA2, etc. 

Finally the JBoss Enterprise Application Platform is Redhat's J6EE "everything plus the kitchen sink" application server. 

All in all, from a strategic standpoint, this is actually a pretty solid offering.  It's not especially sexy enough to provide amateur muckrakers like this guy with more fodder to write about his imaginative SpringSource vs. Everyone war but they do seem to be providing something for everyone.