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MuleSoft Releases Tcat Server R4.3

MuleSoft released Tcat 6 R4.3 recently, adding a lot of impressive new features for systems administrators managing tomcat application servers.  The release notes detail all the nice, new features but below is a summary of some of them:

  • Server Metrics in the Global Dashboard
  • Alerts for server groups
  • Cross-Platform Server Profiles
  • Solaris Support
  • Tomcat 7 Support
  • IBM J9 and Oracle JRockit JVM Support

Many of the problems we run into as administrators supporting Tomcat center around deployment, configuration management, monitoring and alerting across large and small farms of servers.  Tcat Server is a very good solution to those problems while still being very easy to roll out as it works with your existing tomcat images or installations.  Download the Tcat Server Datasheet (pdf format) for more information on the product's capabilities if you haven't heard of Tcat Server before or if you don't know what it is about.  It isn't free but it is really neat.


Mulesoft Takes on SpringSource with Tcat Server and Cloudcat

MuleSoft, makers of the popular Mule ESB, have entered the enterprise tomcat wars currently being waged by Redhat and SpringSource by introducing Tcat Server and Cloudcat.

Tcat Server is an enterprise version of Tomcat.  What that actually means will be the scope of a separate post after I've had a chance to download it and play with it a little.  What it looks like, based on reading the product literature on the web site is a vendor-supported tomcat implementation with a custom Tomcat Management console.  The console apparently can manage not only the box that Tcat server runs on but remote tomcat servers as well running another Tcat server instance or an ASF supplied tomcat 5.5 or tomcat 6.0 instance.

Cloudcat is a version of Tcat Server packaged as an image for deployment into popular cloud services from Amazon and GoGrid.  It can be managed from the same Tcat Server console.

Perhaps a tcserver vs. Tcat Server vs jboss web comparison is in my near future!