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Apache Lenya Project Status

UpdateApache Lenya 2.0.3 was released on January 20, 2010.

I am not at all affiliated with the Apache Lenya CMS project. The extent of my involvement with it over the past year has been compiling it and writing a First Impressions post. The idea I had about deploying it for group/departmental technical documentation has remained only an idea for now due to other projects and issues being a major consumer of my time.

This single first impression post has been around long enough that I get a fairly good amount of traffic to this blog from people searching google for items related to Lenya. Some of these search terms highlight problems that users are experiencing like using lenya with java 6 or creating a deployable war file. Some folks are interested in comparisons, for example, lenya vs. sharepoint, lenya vs. joomla, or lenya vs. drupal.

However, and this is the point of this post, more recent search engine phrases that have brought traffic to this blog are centered around the status of Lenya. One visitor from the UK even went so far to query "Is Apache Lenya Dead?". (I'm not quite sure why this would have brought them to my blog!)

Regular visitors to the Lenya site may have noticed that the header on the site now includes a link to Lenya 2.2. Although not much information is available, Lenya 2.2 will be based on Apache Cocoon 2.2. Reading through the mailing list archives, Apache Lenya development looks to be alive and well but you can't really tell this simply by browsing the Lenya site.

I think there is a lot of interest in this CMS based upon the number of searches that I get from folks looking to get started with Lenya but for each incoming request from people looking to get started with Lenya, there are an equal number of searches from people wondering what is going on with lenya. Below is a short list of some of the things that Lenya users and those considering the use of Lenya are interested in knowing more about:

  • Lenya 2.0.X users are interested in using Lenya as their blog engine.
  • Lenya users would like to know how they can get Lenya working under tomcat 6 and/or java 1.6
  • A fair number of folks want to know how they can integrate Lenya with JBoss
  • As previously noted, people considering Lenya would like to know how it compares to other CMS's like Drupal or Joomla (and even SharePoint).
  • Users brand new to Lenya are interested in finding information on how to get started. For example, "OK. I've successfully compiled and deployed Lenya--now what do I need to do to start building a brand new site?"
  • "Out of the box", what can I do?  What kind of plug-ins are available?

It would be great if any of the Lenya project members who happen to stumble upon this article could post a comment letting us know what the latest news is with Lenya or where we can find the latest news on Lenya.


First Impression: Apache Lenya 2.0.2

After posting the release announcement yesterday, I decided to give Lenya a quick try and thought that this blog would be the best place to keep track of things for future reference.

Initially, I tried to install under tomcat 6 and jdk1.6 and the build failed.  Now, I don't really hold anyone responsible for this other than myself because I do not think that Lenya has been certified to work using jdk1.6.  I downloaded the latest 1.5 jdk and also the latest tomcat 5.5.27 binaries and tried again.  This time the compile completed on the first attempt.

Lenya ships with two WYSIWYG editors built in for creating XHTML documents.  One called "Kupu" is geared towards IE users and the other called "BXE" is geared towards mozilla-based browser users.  I am currently using Firefox 3.1 Alpha 2 and found that BXE did not work for me all that well at all.  Creating a test page containing dummy text copied from another page, I was unable to post the "Lorem ipsum" boilerplate text using BXE.   I switched over to Kupu while still running Firefox and paste operations worked as expected.  Again, I don't know if this is necessarily a problem with BXE or if it is due to me using the latest available binaries from mozilla.

One neat thing that I really liked about Lenya was that once I had created the sample "Hello World" XHTML document, I could then create an Open Document format document from that XHTML page.  This really highlights the publishing possibilities here where you can create some kind of online documentation and automatically generate offline documents from the online master.  Presumably, one could code things so that when the online doc was submitted, an offline version could be created as well.  Really useful for an enterprise intranet--if we could generate Microsoft Office-style documents, this could become a viable open-sourced sharepoint competitor.  Another thing I liked was that when I created an XHTML document, I actually got an XHTML document and relative links that I added into the document were published as relative links.  This means that front-ending it with a proxy that rewrites URLs won't be an issue.

Removing a document that should not have been made live was pretty easy.  All I needed to do was click a Deactivate button and the page was removed from the live site.  In Site View, there are also options to roll back to previous versions as well.  Workflow notification when content is published is present as well.  One problem I did run into was after making an edit to the sample document and trying to save it, I received an "Error 415--Check your server logs for more information" error but nothing was written to the tomcat logs.

All in all, from a content management system standpoint, Lenya looks pretty nice.  I'm already thinking that this could be a useful tool for documentation style projects like runbooks, system documentation, etc.  I think I'll be writing more about this CMS in the near-future.


Apache Lenya 2.0.2 Released

The Apache Lenya project announced that release 2.0.2 was available today. It is a minor release that contains bug fixes AND new functionality, which is nice to see. Apache Lenya is a Java and XML-based Content Management System.

To me, the whole CMS market has become too confusing where everything from a simple blogging server up to a high-end content delivery infrastructure  call themselves CMS's and it can be pretty difficult to figure out the capabilities of any particular project or product. Is Lenya like Joomla or is it more like Roller? Is Blogger considered a CMS? What about Vignette's or Interwoven's products? They seem to do a lot more then Drupal if you are a large enterprise with multiple sites, multiple servers, etc. What's a CMS shopper to do??

Check it out for yourself.   Source downloads are available here.  The project does not make binaries available at this time.  I could not find release notes for version 2.0.2 on the main site.