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JBoss Application Server 7 Released

I saw the announcement over on Rich Sharples' blog that JBoss Application Server 7 is out.  The blog post covers some of the interesting new features and changes.  I also received an email from Redhat with 7 reasons to love about the new release:

  1. Blazing fast start-up time - up to 10X faster!
  2. Java EE 6 - leading the pack. again.
  3. Very lightweight - exceptionally small footprint and aggressive memory management mean you can run it practically everywhere.
  4. Modular core - delivers true application isolation.
  5. Elegant management - simplified console and APIs.
  6. Domain management - manage servers as groups.
  7. Testable by design - simplified in-container testing via the Arquillian project speeds development. 

The JBoss community site has binaries available so we can all start playing right away.  Congratulations to the JBoss App Server team on this new release!  The countdown to JBoss EAP6 has now started.