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New iTerm 2 Beta Released Today

There's a nice new iTerm2 beta out today: iTerm2-1_0_0_20110810.zip

Changes in this release (reprinted from the announcement page):

Major New Features

  • Add support for loading prefs from a custom folder (e.g., Dropbox) or URL. This makes it easy to share a config between multiple machines or people.
  • Add auto logging of sessions. When enabled (per-profile), all input received from the host in a session is saved to a file tagged with the window, tag, and pane number, plus the time and date of initiation.
  • Add "find cursor" feature (cmd-/) that highlights the cursor location. Useful when you have a huge terminal, this makes it easy to quickly find a lost cursor. If activated with the shortcut cmd-/, continuing to hold cmd will keep the highlighting active.


  • For new users, we now hide the tab bar in fullscreen by default (otherwise, use cmd-shift-t to toggle it).
  • Draw a dotted line around maximized sessions.
  • You can toggle send input to all tabs/panes by re-pressing the keystroke that got you into that mode.
  • Add escape code to steal focus: ESC ]50;StealFocus^G (thanks, gordolio).
  • Add support for multiple saved window arrangements.
  • Add "bottom of screen" window style (thanks, melbic).
  • Add decimal <-> hex conversion to right-click context menu when a number is selected.

Bug Fixes

  • Changes to tab appearance take effect immediately.
  • Fix bug where a white rectangle briefly appears in Lion when opening a new tab.
  • Fix crash due to assertion in setDirtyFromX:Y:toX:Y:
  • Fix bug where fullscreen hotkey windows on Lion tried to use Lion fullscreen.
  • Fix bug where tall windows weren't restored properly.


Update - Adding iTerm2 Themes

The previous post became outdated when newer versions of iTerm2 updated the Preferences UI, so this post is meant to cover iTerm2 version 1.0 (and newer).

The iTerm2 Color Gallery page is the centralized repository for iTerm2 themes and provides links to available themes if you want to know where to go to find iTerm2 themes, (although most of the links will take you either to the author's personal site or to GitHub).  If you find a theme you like, download it or save it as a text file somewhere.

To manage your installed iTerm2 themes, click the iTerm menu and then the Preferences... menu item.  Click on the Profiles preference category and then the Colors tab.  A window like the one below will be displayed:


There is a drop down at the bottom of this tab labeled Load Presets....  This is where you will go to install or remove iTerm2 themes.  

To install an iTerm2 theme, click the Import... command from the Load Presets... drop down list and then select the file you downloaded from the Color Gallery.  It will then be available in the list of available themes, separated from the five system themes that ship with a default iTerm2 install (Dark Background, Light Background, Pastel, Tango Dark, and Tango Light).  

To uninstall or remove a previously installed theme, click the Delete Preset... command from the Load Presets... drop down list.  A drop down list of all the themes that you've imported will display and you can then select the theme you'd like to delete.  Please note that you can not delete the five system themes that ship with iTerm2.


Adding iTerm2 Themes

This post has been updated to reflect UI changes in iTerm2. Please see the Update - Adding iTerm2 Themes page for more information.

Not available yet in the Alpha downloads but supposedly available soon when Alpha 17 is released, iTerm2 provides support for theming your terminal window.  You can take advantage of this now by downloading an iTerm2 nightly build (or wait for Alpha 17) but adding these custom themes in iTerm2 is fairly easy.

Update - March 3, 2011:  iTerm2 Alpha 17, adding theme support among other things, has been released.

A new preference window in an iTerm2 nightly build, which presumably will show up in Alpha 17 when released, replaces Bookmarks with an Address Book:

Under the Colors section of the Address Book preference window, there is a drop-down box labeled Load Presets....  Click on this drop-down, then click the Import... command in order to import the theme you'd like to import.

There is also an iTerm2 Color Gallery with a small but growing collection of user-contributed themes you can use to get started, if you don't want to create your own right away.  My favorite presently, which also happens to be my favorite VIM theme as well, is Solarized.