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Apache HTTP Server 2.2.19 Released

The Apache HTTP Server project team has released version 2.2.19 (release announcement), which corrects regressions introduced in the recently released 2.2.18 version.  This regression wound up breaking a lot of third-party modules.  If you recently upgraded to 2.2.18 and began experiencing problems like high cpu utilization by httpd workers, try upgrading to 2.2.19.

You can download Apache 2.2.19 from a mirror near you.


Perl 5.14.0 Released

A new stable version of Perl has been released, version 5.14.  The big new feature in this release is full Unicode support but there's also improved IPv6 support and CPAN client configuration has been improved.  The release announcement over on perlbuzz has more complete information on this new release.


Download Perl 5.14.0 from the official perl.org site.


Gaelyk 0.7 Released

Gaelyk 0.7 has been released, adding support for Groovy 1.8 and Google App Engine 1.5.0, plus some other neat enhancements.  The release announcement on Google Groups has more details on what is new.  You can download Gaelyk 0.7 from the official site.