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Grails 1.3.4 Released

I just saw the announcement that Grails v. 1.3.4 has been released.  The ChangeLog lists two new features, 10 improvements, and a lot of bug fixes.  The Release Notes indicate that Grails 1.3.4 includes Groovy 1.7.4 now.

Binaries and Documentation downloads are available at the CodeHaus Grails.org site, too.  Congratulations on the release to the Grails team!


Grails 1.2.2 Released

SpringSource announced the release of Grails 1.2.2 a short while ago.  The changelog lists all the fixes and enhancements in this release and downloads are available at the official site


TeachMeToCode: Intro to Grails Screencast

Teach Me To Code is hosting a helpful, 17-minute long screencast by Eric Berry that provides an Introduction to Grails.  I just finished watching it and it provides a good general overview of how to create a basic Grails application.  The screencast is geared more towards the Ruby on Rails developer looking to branch out in to Grails but it was still pretty useful for a non-Rails guy like me.