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SSL Certificate Warning of the Month: The Aquarium

In support of the recent 3.1 launch of GlassFish open source and commercial versions, The Aquarium is featuring a nice Download GlassFish 3.1 Final badge in the top right hand corner that, unfortunately, generates SSL warnings.  I'm preserving the target in the Download link in this article because I believe that the error will be corrected soon but people might be interested in seeing what was originally returned.  

The error is a simple Hostname Mismatch warning but with the rapid rate of change in most browsers, it's always interesting to me to see how browsers handle these types of warnings.

If there were a prize for 'prettiest error message', Safari would win:


Google Chrome provides similar information to what Safari provides but wraps it all up in an angry red:


Interestingly, from my standpoint as a web site administrator standpoint, Firefox wins here in that it is providing the most useful information:


All three browsers are good in that they pop up a warning that the hostname of the site does not match the common name on the certificate but Firefox goes the extra mile by showing *ALL* the valid hosts for this certificate.  Safari and Chrome display that the site name (glassfish.dev.java.net) does not match the certificate name (www.java.net) but this type of certificate is valid for more than just www.java.net.


GlassFish 3.1 is Out

GlassFish 3.1 has been released.  Available simultaneously, you can download both the GlassFish Open Source and GlassFish Commercial versions.  

The biggest news with the 3.1 release is that the clustering and high-availablilty support that was missing from version 3.0 exists again.  Other new features include ssh provisioning, centralized management, application versioning, better OSGI support, a retooled embedded API, and more.  The commercial version, Oracle GlassFish Server, also includes the OracleGlassFish Server Control, which provides command-line client monitoring, simplified backup and restore, Oracle Access Manager integration, and a couple other neat items.

Complete sets of documentation for the open-source GlassFish Server and for the commercial Oracle GlassFish server are also highlights of this release.

If you have the time today at 1PM eastern or tomorrow at 9AM eastern, you can also attend a What's New with GlassFish 3.1 webinar.


Apache Roller 5.0 Release Candidate 3 is Out

It's been a little while but there is a new release candidate for Apache Roller 5 out and it was certainly worth the wait.  Release Candidate 3 adds support for running Roller inside a Java Enterprise Edition 6 application server container like GlassFish 3, JBoss 6, and WebSphere 8.  (Roller 5.0.0 RC 3 Release Announcement).

The roller 5.0RC3 download site contains an updated Installation Guide, User Guide, and Template Guide in PDF format in addition to source code and binary downloads for installation into Tomcat, JBoss, or a JavaEE app server.