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VMWare Releases Free(ish) Micro Cloud Foundry

Free* for Windows and Linux developers, Free-ish for Mac developers

Today, VMWare announced the availability of Micro Cloud Foundry, a full Cloud Foundry implementation packaged in a vmware image that developers deploy to their local machines. The full release announcement is over on the Cloud Foundry blog for those wanting to read the details straight from the source.

If you want to grab it right away, you can get it at the micro.cloudfoundry.com site

*Micro Cloud Foundry's packaging as a vmware image means Windows and Linux developers have the option to run it free with the VMWare Player in addition to downloading it for free. If the guilt over all this free stuff is too great, Windows and Linux developers can elect to pay for the VMWare Workstation license (assuming they have not already done so). For Mac developers, Micro Cloud Foundry is Free for $79.00!! (with the purchase of a VMWare Fusion license available everywhere but the Mac App Store). Mac OS X Lion users (like me) might want to wait though, (which stinks since I'd really like to give it a whirl).