About Me

My name is Chris Mahns and I am a Senior Systems Administrator/Engineer presently working for a mid-size outsourcing firm.  I support many popular, open-source and commercial web servers and applications servers but I do prefer working with tomcat, jboss, and apache presently.  I have a lot of experience with the BigIP load-balancer as well.  My LinkedIn Profile details my 15+ years of IT professional experience.

Over the past 3 years, I have published and maintain some scripts that I think others might find useful:  CryptoNark and Bling.  

CryptoNark started out as a port of an old ssl testing tool called SSLThing but was re-written by me in perl and I added a couple of enhancements like null and anonymous cipher testing.  It is now morphing into a basic PCI Compliance remediation/verification tool.  

Bling began life as a blog ping tool, written in Groovy, that was intended to serve as a script that I run to notify blog directories when I updated this site.  The main problem that bling solved for me was that many blog directories come and go and the XMLRPC-based notification services that they host often do not work.  Bling strives to be a script that pings services that are still up and running.


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