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8 posts from July 2013


Useful tmsh Command

There is an awful lot of stuff you can do in the BigIP web console but one of the things you can't seem to do is get a list of all the client IP's connected to a particular VIP. In the past, this might be something you would execute a tcpdump on and then run through the trace in wireshark but this isn't really necessary if you're just looking for a quick snapshot of currently attached IP addresses to a particular virtual server.

Luckily, as long as you have tmsh access to your BigIP, just execute the following command to generate a list of client IPs attached to a partucular VIP:

tmsh show sys connection cs-server-addr <ip_address>

This will generate a tabular list including the following:

  • The Client IP Address and Port
  • The Virtual Server IP Address and Port
  • The SelfIP (SNAT) Address and Port
  • The IP Address and Port of the Member Server the request went to
  • The tmm process processing the connection

Pretty useful thing to use for those instances where you just want to see what is currenty hitting your VIP without having to run a trace!


Apache HTTP Server 2.0.65 Released

In addition to today's release of version 2.2.25, the Apache HTTP Server team released version 2.0.65 today. This version fixes 6 security vulnerabilities and 13 other fixes. The Apache HTTP Server 2.0.65 Changelog provides some more details on what was fixed in this release. 

Download source and binaries from a mirror near you.

The vulnerabilities addressed in this release are: CVE-2013-1862CVE-2012-0053CVE-2012-0031CVE-2011-3368CVE-2011-3192, and CVE-2011-3607.


Apache HTTP Server 2.2.25 Released

The Apache HTTP Server team released version 2.2.25 a short while ago. This version addresses two security vulnerabilities: CVE-2013-1896 and CVE-2013-1892 as well as 16 other fixes mostly covering issues with mod_ssl and mod_dav. Please see the Apache HTTP Server 2.2.25 changelog for more details.

You can download source and binaries from any of the Apache mirrors. Updates should be propogating out to all the mirror sites now.