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Fix for Firefox 22 & CA ServiceDesk Issues

It can be really hard to find, which is why I'm linking to it here. When Mozilla released Firefox 22 a couple weeks ago, some functionality in CA ServiceDesk no longer worked. One of the more notable problems is that the javascript menu would not load, making it pretty tough to open incidents, requests, or changes, post solutions, etc. 

People may remember back when Firefox 4 was released, that links would no longer open popup windows. Someone was kind enough to put together a Greasemonkey (Firefox add-on) script that fixed that problem and updates have been made to the ServiceDeskFixer.user.js script that takes care of almost all the current issues with running CA ServiceDesk with Firefox 22. Here is the link to the CA forum post: Firefox v22 upgrade

UPDATE: I heard today that the script may no longer be available so I'm posting it here. Remember to change the value of @include to point to the location of pdmweb.exe on your company's ServiceDesk site. ServiceDeskFixer for GreaseMonkey local mirror download. (Right click and Save As...)


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