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vim Syntax Highlighter for Apache Logs

Version 4 of this useful plugin for vim was posted on vim scripts recently: A syntax highlilghter for apache and nginx access logs called httplog.vim

Installation is pretty easy--just drop it into your .vim/syntax folder and add the following line to your .vimrc. The docs say that you edit your filetype.vim file but that file will get replaced when you upgrade vim versions:

au BufRead *access.log* setf httplog

Open an access log up and enjoy some syntax-highlighted apache access log goodness. It looks like things are still in the early stages but this plugin is pretty handy. 

Incidentally, if you use default naming of your apache access logs and don't rotate them (which, you should not be doing), you can also add the following line to your .vimrc to grab log file names using "access_log" in their name:

au BufRead *access_log* setf httplog


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