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Removing Gmail Messages from BlackBerry Inbox

Sometimes, the old 'battery pull' method for removing messages that will not delete when you delete them from your BlackBerry Inbox doesn't work. Sometimes, pulling the battery to perform a hard reset removes them, sometimes it removes only some of them. Sometimes, you're on a long conference call and a battery pull would not be advisable and that message is just sitting there...taunting you. Why won't you delete? What makes you so special, email from Marco's Pizza, that you want to stick around? I deleted you! Why won't you leave? 

Deleting Prior looks like it's does something as the messages briefly disappear but they quickly come back to haunt me anew. 

Sure. After 30 days, they will vanish. That's the built-in default for the Inbox. This is configurable, too. BlackBerry 7.1 let's you set the interval for how long these undeletable messages will taunt you. You can lower it to 15 days and if you're feeling mischievous, configure your friend's BlackBerry to save them up to Forever. Simply open your Inbox, press the BlackBerry menu button and select Options. Then choose Messages Display and Actions. Scroll all the way down to Days To Keep Messages and then select 15, 30, 60, 90, all the way up to Forever.

Today was one of those days so I decided to once again poke around in the various options and now I think I've found a reliable way to get rid of them. Once again, go into your Inbox, press the BlackBerry menu button and select Options. Then, select Inbox Management. Under Email Accounts, deselect your gmail account, press the Back button and Save your change. The messages are now gone from your Inbox. Repeat this process but select your email address again to reassociate your gmail inbox with your main inbox.

Incidentally, this may also work when Facebook Messages in your inbox will not delete as well and if I ever start using that account, we'll see if this works for those, too.


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