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11 posts from June 2012


Build Note for Valgrind 3.7.0 on OS X 10.7.4

While getting started with Zed Shaw's Learn C The Hard Way book, I experienced the following error running 'configure' when building Valgrind from source:

-bash: ./configure: /bin/sh: bad interpreter: Operation not permitted

In order to get the Valgrind configure script to run under OS X (Lion) 10.7.4, I had to prepend "bash" in front of "configure":

bash ./configure

Update: And, this might not be the right way to do it since running make after a successful configure creates an install-sh script that needs the shebang #!/bin/sh replaced with #!/bin/bash before a sudo make install will work...Valgrind is installed though!

Update #2: Apparently, files downloaded from the Internet that have the executable bits set on them are flagged as of OS X 10.7.3 (possibly earlier) that prevent them from running unless a prompt is accepted first. Shell scripts will have those flags set as well but instead of being able to accept a prompt, you get the bad interpreter: Operation not permitted message. Running the following command in the terminal will remove the com.apple.quarantine extended attribute from the files:

xattr -rd com.apple.quarantine /directory/containing/executables/you/want/to/run

This is a note to my future self in case I run into it again building future versions of Valgrind.


IIS7.5: Increase ASP Buffer Limit

Lately, I don't get to play with IIS all that often so I'm filing this here for future reference because searching for it on the web took much longer than it should have.

IIS7.5 has a built-in buffer size limitation of 4MB on ASP's. This causes any asp that contains a response greater than 4MBs to error out to the browser/client. The error that is commonly logged in the web server logs is a 500 status code with text like the following:


There are a few ways to handle the error, which are documented in this Microsoft Knowledge Base article but if you want a shortcut and you're running IIS 7.5, open up Internet Services Manager. On the web site you wish to increase the limit on (or virtual directory if you only want it to be configured for that), click on the ASP property, then Open Feature. Expand the Limits Properties group and then modify the Response Buffer Limit setting. Once you enter in a new value, click Apply and you're all set. No IIS or server restart is necessary.

Apache Tomcat 7.0.28 Released

The Apache Tomcat team released version 7.0.28 today. There are a lot of changes and fixes in this release; see the changelog for details.

Downloads are available from mirrors nearby.