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It's Oracle vs. JBoss!

Oracle makes some, what we small-time bloggers would call, "deliciously provocative and blog-worthy" claims in a recent WebLogic vs. JBoss EAP blog post: Why should you choose Oracle WebLogic 12c instead of JBoss EAP 6?

Red Hat responds here in True | False: Oracle FUD

Public Service Announcement: In case anyone was curious, the link to follow WebLogic on Twitter from the WebLogic Application Server main product page is incorrect. I believe the official twitter feed for Oracle WebLogic is @oracleweblogic and not that nice fellow who scored the @weblogic handle early in 2008, (although he does have way more followers than that gentleman who grabbed the @jboss handle and used it to EARN $380 IN A SINGLE DAY WITH JUST ONE POST!!).



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