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11 posts from June 2012


PSA: Bad Link in WebWorks Docs

Was reading through some of the WebWorks SDK docs this morning and clicked the link to view the BlackBerry App World Vendor Support page from my PlayBook and was sent to http://us.blackberry.com/developers/appworld.jsp/ (note the trailing slash after .jsp) when it should have taken me to http://us.blackberry.com/developers/appworld.jsp.


It's Oracle vs. JBoss!

Oracle makes some, what we small-time bloggers would call, "deliciously provocative and blog-worthy" claims in a recent WebLogic vs. JBoss EAP blog post: Why should you choose Oracle WebLogic 12c instead of JBoss EAP 6?

Red Hat responds here in True | False: Oracle FUD

Public Service Announcement: In case anyone was curious, the link to follow WebLogic on Twitter from the WebLogic Application Server main product page is incorrect. I believe the official twitter feed for Oracle WebLogic is @oracleweblogic and not that nice fellow who scored the @weblogic handle early in 2008, (although he does have way more followers than that gentleman who grabbed the @jboss handle and used it to EARN $380 IN A SINGLE DAY WITH JUST ONE POST!!).



Devops is a Verb

Lori MacVittie writing for the F5 DevCentral blog:

Devops is not something you build, it’s something you do

At last! An article providing a good description of Devops I can refer people to! (Click this post title or the link citation in the block quote to check it out)