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PlayBook OS Issues

Not sure if anyone else is experiencing them or not and the thought or searching through the forums tonight doesn't seem like a fun idea, so I'm documenting these here so I have something to refer to later.

Subsequent to updating to PlayBook OS, I've run into the following issues:

  1. Wi-Fi connection drops and profile becomes disabled. This usually occurs after some period of inactivity and requires I re-enable the profile, then click the Save and Connect button. Sometimes this is not enough to maintain the active connection. Drops are frequent.
  2. Messages App:  unable to connect to Twitter or my secondary Gmail Account. Displays "Unable to connect to server. Please try again later." Blaq for PlayBook, a twitter client, connects fine during this.
  3. When selecting one of the accounts having an issue, Messages App hangs indefinitely resulting in an unusable mail client.
  4. Accounts preference tab will not display as it is, presumably, unable to connect to Twitter and Gmail to verify those accounts. Unsure of this, however, since no errors actually get displayed. Spinner icon that is supposed to denote "waiting" isn't spinning.
  5. Wi-Fi connection browser can only find one of two connections in my home--even when the PlayBook is sitting right in front of the router. (This may not be specific to this os version since I believe it started occurring after the 2.0 upgrade) Interestingly, even though the playbook can not see this wi-fi connection from 6 inches away from the router, every other device in the house works fine including devices separated from the router by floors, walls, and closed doors.

Update (May 22, 2012): Oddly enough, many of these issues vanished after I powered off and then powered on the playbook. A restart wasn't enough—it had to be powered off. Specifically, the Messages and Accounts preferences issues went away after a power off/power on.


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