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Java EE Training Developer Considers Tomcat Use "Downright Harmful"

One of the popular posts on JavaBlogs over the weekend was an article titled "Goodbye Tomcat", posted on a blog run by a firm that provides Java Enterprise Edition mentoring and training. This excerpt from the first paragraph:

I am writing this article to point out how Java EE 6 changes things and why using tomcat could be downright harmful.

I'm hoping that the author will post something in an update to the article that will explain the harm that tomcat could be causing because it isn't there yet. I'm beginning to think the only harm tomcat may be causing is to J6EE adoption rates. ("Oh, snap!" - Editors)

I'm not trying to sound pro-Tomcat here, especially because I like JBoss and use it every day but there is a simple reason why Tomcat is so popular—that's all the app or website needed.


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