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Apache HTTP Server 2.4.1 Released

The Apache HTTP Server project announced the release of a major new version of the Apache HTTP Server today. The release announcement lists the following major enhancements:

•    Improved performance (lower resource utilization and better concurrency)
•    Reduced memory usage
•    Asyncronous I/O support
•    Dynamic reverse proxy configuration
•    Performance on par, or better, than pure event-driven Web servers
•    More granular timeout and rate/resource limiting capability
•    More finely-tuned caching support, tailored for high traffic servers and proxies.

In addition, there are quite a few new modules and changes designed to make configuration and support easier for both Cloud-based and traditional "terrestrial" deployments. Actually, you should just check out the New Features summary to see all the coolness in this new version.

As always, you can download a copy from a mirror near you.


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