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Top Posts of 2011

Here are the top 10 posts of 2011 for my blog, which were published during 2011.

  1. Adding iTerm2 Themes
  2. iTerm 2 is a great replacement to the built-in OS X Terminal.app and back in February 2011, iTerm 2 introduced support for themes. Initially, it was pretty tricky to figure out how to import themes, which was why I created this post.

  3. OMG! A *JBoss* Worm!!
  4. JBoss solidified its leadership over Glassfish in October 2011 when a nasty worm affecting JBoss was released.

  5. Suppressing the X-Powered-By Header in JBoss
  6. This post provides remediation instructions for one of the more commonly found Information Disclosure vulnerabilities on JBoss-powered sites.

  7. Here's a Preliminary "Apache Killer" Test Script
  8. Back in August, 2011, the Apache Range Header vunerability was announced with exploit code that allowed anyone to easily DoS an apache site. This script was an initial attempt to detect that vulnerability.

  9. Tomcat 6 Directory Locations on Ubuntu Server 11.04
  10. Many of us are accustomed to the directory layout provided with a stock Apache Software Foundation-provided Tomcat distribution. Ubuntu places files in alternate locations. This post was written so I could easily refer to it when working with Ubuntu and, apparently, it was useful to a few thousand people.

  11. Verifying 'WebDAV HTTP Method PROPFIND Enabled' Remediation was Successful
  12. Older IIS installations commonly suffer from this vulnerability and the script provided in this post provided a mechanism for safely displaying the problem while also verifying remediation was successful.

  13. Update - Adding iTerm2 Themes
  14. In July 2011, iTerm 2 theming support was overhauled making themes easier to manage.

  15. Tomcat Crashes Soon After Successful Startup - Common Causes
  16. This post documented common things that caused tomcat to crash after startup as well as the one that caused me problems.

  17. Some Good HTML5 Articles
  18. Dustin Marx posted a lot of useful and interesting HTML5 articles towards the end of 2009 and the beginning of 2011. I posted this article linking to them, which wound up getting posted to DZone. Hopefully, this provided his site some well-deserved, additional exposure.

  19. Mitigating the Apache Range Header DoS on Ubuntu Apache 2.2
  20. This post is fairly self-explanatory, providing remediation for the Apache Range Header vulnerability on Ubuntu.


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