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PlayBook: What's in the Box?

It may only be mildly helpul news but it was difficult for me to find anywhere online what was included in the box with the BlackBerry PlayBook.  Both the iPad and Kindle Fire product pages display what's included with the purchase but all I could find regarding the PlayBook box contents was what was printed on the actual box. So, if anyone's interested in knowing what you won't need to purchase along with your new PlayBook, here's what is in the box (excepting warranty, startup, and safety guides):

  • The PlayBook (obviously)
  • AC Adapter - Over 6' long (2m) cable!
  • USB Cable to connect the playbook to a computer
  • A neoprene sleeve to carry it in
  • A cleaning cloth

I do have to say that, from a usability standpoint, the very first thing that impressed me with the PlayBook occurred before I had even powered it on. The length of the included AC Adapter is over 6'—twice as long as the one included with my iPad. I know, it seems silly, but when you want to engage in some aimless surfing but also need to recharge the battery, it's nice knowing that one does not need to sit so close to a power outlet in order to do so, (or daisy-chain to an extension cord).

The neoprene sleeve is ok but it is just large enough to cover the PlayBook and that's it. It is clear that, although functional, it's intention is to get you to want to buy something a little more utilitarian. 

Blackberry Playbook 7-Inch Tablet (32GB) at Amazon


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