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DigiCert is not Digicert

Poor DigiCert.  I am really starting to feel sorry for them.  First, there was a lot of search engine confusion over whether there was a link between DigiNotar's recent breach and DigiCert. (There isn't)  Now, there is news that a Malaysian firm named Digicert Sdn Bhd has had to revoke some of its root certificates due to successful reverse engineering of keys.  Here's the press release from DigiCert Inc., which states there is no affiliation between these two firms.

So, to recap, DigiCert Inc., a Certificate Authority that uses "digicert" in its logo and using web site address "www.digicert.com" has no affiliation with Digicert Sdn Bhd, who is a Certificate Authority who also appears to be using "digicert" it its logo and uses web site address "www.digicert.com.my".


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