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Apache Tomcat 7.0.23 Released

Over the long U.S. holiday weekend, the Apache Tomcat team released version 7.0.23.  The changelog lists mostly bug fixes but there are some new features in this release that are geared towards increasing startup times for applications.  A summary (taken from the release announcement) of these new features follows:

  • The ability to start and stop child containers (primarily Contexts: i.e. web applications) in parallel which can significantly improve start times. This is disabled by default but can be enabled by setting the startStopThreads attribute of a Host to a value greater than one.
  • Cache the results of parsing the global and host level context.xml files to improve start times.
  • Improve the handling of failed deployments so that a broken application can be fixed (e.g. via JMX) and another attempt made to start it rather than it having to be removed.

Download a copy of tomcat 7.0.23 from a mirror near you!


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