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Oh VeriSign! You So Funny! Another Expired Intermediate Cert!

Those scamps at VeriSign must be the life of parties!  What could be more hilarious than selling a three year certificate chained to an intermediate certificate that expires in only one year?  How about providing four days notice of the impending expiration of that intermediate certificate?

For folks wondering why their Global/Secure Site Pro certificate-secured sites are in browser-warning mode today, VeriSign posted the following support article on October 20, 2011.  In an article titled "Old "www.verisign.com/CPS Incorp.by Ref. LIABILITY LTD.(c)97" Intermediate CA Certificate will expire on October 24, 2011" (I know, I know...4 days notice...vague article title...)

In a nutshell, if your certificate is no longer trusted because of the October 24, 2011 Intermediate certificate expiration, you need to replace that certificate with a new Intermediate cert.  This new one expires on October 24, 2016.


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