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Tomcat Team Announces End-of-Life for Tomcat 5.5

Today, the Apache Tomcat team announced that tomcat 5.5 will no longer be actively maintained after September 30, 2012.  After this point in time, upgrades are highly unlikely except only in the case of dire security vulnerability.  

Three months later on December 31, 2012, almost all traces of tomcat 5.5's existence will be removed (except from svn archives).  This will include download and documentation links.  

First released in August of 2004, tomcat 5.5 has had a pretty good run—it being the first tomcat suitable for standalone deployments. Instead of sitting behind an apache httpd server, tomcat 5.5 could exist *as* the web server.  Hopefully, the tomcat team will host a proper eulogy.  :)


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