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Removing Facebook Messages from BlackBerry Inbox

I'm sure I've blogged before that a systems administrator's day never really ends.  If we're not resolving issues or implementing project deliverables or closing tickets at work, we are at home providing numerous reasons to our 5 year olds why logins to Little Big Planet servers could be failing or trying to explain web browser plugin architecture to our spouses who are simply not satisfied with "because Flash sucks" as a reason why so many web sites crash or hang.

Since we sysadmins have some kind of mystical bond with "that techy stuff" and it was too early for my internal cron to put me in sleep mode, my wife came up with blackberry in hand wanting to know how to remove facebook messages from the inbox on her Curve.  (As an aside, does anyone know how RIM comes up with their product names because the only thing the Curve doesn't do well is, um, curve) BlackBerry Facebook users are probably very familiar with the issue:  The inbox is filled with undeletable facebook messages, each message with a small gray facebook icon next to it—sort of like tombstones memorializing past friend requests.

Since I am also Chief Google Officer of the house, a quick search for "removing facebook messages from blackberry" turned up pages of "omg! me 2! lol that's so wack!"-style forum posts and many of the solutions offered involve simply unlinking the facebook app from the inbox by running the setup wizard.  This doesn't actually fix the problem (unless you think that *not* doing something that you want to do is a fix).

I had the highest hopes of writing up a cool solution to a problem that a lot of people seem to get.  For a tech blogger, this would be SEO gold so I set to work.  I assumed all I'd need to do to be the hero was clear some cache somewhere, spend another few minutes cycling through screens to make my wife think I was hard at work on this, and then pass it off as feats of technical magic but, unfortunately, updating the BlackBerry App World app, which my wife's blackberry needed any way, was enough to get rid of them.  Oh well.  My 5 year old still thinks that her father remotely controlling a remote machine via VNC is magic.


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