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New iTerm 2 Beta Released Today

There's a nice new iTerm2 beta out today: iTerm2-1_0_0_20110810.zip

Changes in this release (reprinted from the announcement page):

Major New Features

  • Add support for loading prefs from a custom folder (e.g., Dropbox) or URL. This makes it easy to share a config between multiple machines or people.
  • Add auto logging of sessions. When enabled (per-profile), all input received from the host in a session is saved to a file tagged with the window, tag, and pane number, plus the time and date of initiation.
  • Add "find cursor" feature (cmd-/) that highlights the cursor location. Useful when you have a huge terminal, this makes it easy to quickly find a lost cursor. If activated with the shortcut cmd-/, continuing to hold cmd will keep the highlighting active.


  • For new users, we now hide the tab bar in fullscreen by default (otherwise, use cmd-shift-t to toggle it).
  • Draw a dotted line around maximized sessions.
  • You can toggle send input to all tabs/panes by re-pressing the keystroke that got you into that mode.
  • Add escape code to steal focus: ESC ]50;StealFocus^G (thanks, gordolio).
  • Add support for multiple saved window arrangements.
  • Add "bottom of screen" window style (thanks, melbic).
  • Add decimal <-> hex conversion to right-click context menu when a number is selected.

Bug Fixes

  • Changes to tab appearance take effect immediately.
  • Fix bug where a white rectangle briefly appears in Lion when opening a new tab.
  • Fix crash due to assertion in setDirtyFromX:Y:toX:Y:
  • Fix bug where fullscreen hotkey windows on Lion tried to use Lion fullscreen.
  • Fix bug where tall windows weren't restored properly.


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