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CryptoNark v0.4.6 Released

I'm releasing an update to CryptoNark today, which is a maintenance release that fixes a few bugs that have been sitting out there for a little while now.  No new SSL/TLS testing functionality is in this release.  The three changes in this release are:

  1. Modified cryptonark to utilize a port number in all $url variable assignments.  This was an easy way for me to allow cryptonark to perform the extended http scanning when those http hosts were not using well-known port numbers.  This functionality may also change in the future as I retool things to accomodate SSL listeners that run on ports other than 443.
  2. Sometime in an earlier v0.4.x release, non-ssl host tests were still getting ssl tests sent to it.  This release fixes that issue.
  3. The get_server_type function has been fixed as well so it now properly sets the global variable that was supposed to be assigned the value of the HTTP Server header.  My "discovery" that the HTTP PROPFIND method test was broken in the previous release drove this fix.

The Downloads page on this site has been updated with the new version.  Because the script is now over 600 lines long, I do not post the source in release posts any longer.


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