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9 posts from May 2011


Apache Roller 5.0 Released

Exciting news for Apache Roller fans:  Version 5.0 has been released.  Here's a short summary of new features:

  • Media blogging features
  • OpenID for user logins
  • OAuth for AtomPub authentication
  • Simple multi-domain support
  • Code base improvements

The "What's new in Roller 5.0" page on the Roller Wiki goes into more detail on these new features and there is also a slideshare presentation that was put together by lead developer Dave Johnson that not only covers new features but also gives an overview of what roller is, the history of the project, and a look to the future.

Download Apache Roller 5.0 source, binaries, and documentation from a mirror near you.


Apache HTTP Server 2.2.19 Released

The Apache HTTP Server project team has released version 2.2.19 (release announcement), which corrects regressions introduced in the recently released 2.2.18 version.  This regression wound up breaking a lot of third-party modules.  If you recently upgraded to 2.2.18 and began experiencing problems like high cpu utilization by httpd workers, try upgrading to 2.2.19.

You can download Apache 2.2.19 from a mirror near you.


Perl 5.14.0 Released

A new stable version of Perl has been released, version 5.14.  The big new feature in this release is full Unicode support but there's also improved IPv6 support and CPAN client configuration has been improved.  The release announcement over on perlbuzz has more complete information on this new release.


Download Perl 5.14.0 from the official perl.org site.