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CryptoNark v0.4.1 Released

This new version of my pci complance mitigation verification script becomes even more Modern Perlish by incorporating the Mozilla::CA module for SSL certificate verification.  This lets me remove the cacerts.pem file I had included with version 0.4 and gives all of us the ability to upgrade it via cpan as updates become available.

Also new in this version is hostname verification during the certificate validation phase, which will cause cryptonark to gracefully exit in the event the hostname in the request does not match the certificate name.

Finally, I've embedded pod documentation inside the script.  Running " perldoc cnark.pl " now displays a man page for CryptoNark!

Both the main CryptoNark page and the Downloads page have been updated.  Downloads are available in either tar.gz or zip formats.  A change history is on the main page and has been incorporated in the perldoc.


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