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Some Good HTML5 Articles

Dustin Marx is one of my favorite tech bloggers because of the thoroughness of each post.  He takes a subject, like a recently posted article on splitting strings with Java and Groovy, and provides an in-depth look at how to do it, other ways to do it, why you would do it one way over another, history, real-world examples, screenshots, and closes every article down with a nice conclusion.

This month, he posted a bunch of HTML5 articles, each one taking on one particular topic and providing great detail:

  1. HTML5 Canvas
  2. HTML5 Form Field Validation
  3. HTML5 Logo and WHATWG HTML Naming
  4. HTML5 Color Picker
  5. HTML5 Date Picker
  6. HTML5 Local Storage: Web Storage
  7. HTML5 Geolocation API: Your Browser Knows Where You Are


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