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11 posts from January 2011


Some Good HTML5 Articles

Dustin Marx is one of my favorite tech bloggers because of the thoroughness of each post.  He takes a subject, like a recently posted article on splitting strings with Java and Groovy, and provides an in-depth look at how to do it, other ways to do it, why you would do it one way over another, history, real-world examples, screenshots, and closes every article down with a nice conclusion.

This month, he posted a bunch of HTML5 articles, each one taking on one particular topic and providing great detail:

  1. HTML5 Canvas
  2. HTML5 Form Field Validation
  3. HTML5 Logo and WHATWG HTML Naming
  4. HTML5 Color Picker
  5. HTML5 Date Picker
  6. HTML5 Local Storage: Web Storage
  7. HTML5 Geolocation API: Your Browser Knows Where You Are


Systems Admins R.I.P. - MuleSoft Blog

Back on January 20th, 2011, Ross Mason, MuleSoft Founder, posted an article on the company blog, From the Mule's Mouth, titled "Systems Admins. R.I.P.?", which became popular this week due to it being posted on many aggregation sites and is filled with some lively commentary by many sysadmins around the world.

As I sit here waiting for the Cloud to rapture me off to the Choir Invisible, I can't help but think of those that fell before us. Who can forget back in the mid-70's when Digital Equipment Corporation's proclaimed the death of the mainframe with the introduction of mini computers and the effect it had on mainframe systems engineers.  There are none left.  They are all gone.  Remember when Microsoft introduced Windows NT Server?  That's the day we lost all the UNIX administrators. 

Perhaps they were the lucky ones because the hype around Cloud Computing is so great, this may be one of the greatest extinction events ever.   

All kidding aside, I do feel sorry for the MuleSoft systems administrator alluded to in the article. When the founder of your company publicly wonders what you do, you have a very tough job.


HTML5 Gets a New Logo

HTML5_Logo_128 The World Wide Web Consortium unveiled a new logo for HTML5 today, which looks pretty sharp and this page also includes a badge builder, SVG and PNG downloads, free stickers, links to purchase HTML5 T-Shirts, html5 technology-specific icon sets, and more!