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A Few Useful Sysadmin Sites

I removed the blogroll on the site because visits to those links were almost non-existent.  However, I have come across a few links over the past month that other systems engineers/administrators might find useful and/or interesting.  I sure did.

  • WhichLoadsFaster.com -  A site that allows you to run a basic performance comparison between two sites to see which site loads faster.  For example, say you want to compare the page load times for this blog vs. TomcatExpert.com.  Although they're still faster, I have been able to determine that several of the changes I've made to the blog over the past week have placed me closer to them in terms of page download speeds.
  • Martin Melin has created an online, mod_rewrite rule tester, which allows you to test rewrite rules on-the-fly.  Pretty neat!
  • LinkedIn open-sourced their Glu tool, which is a tool that allows automated deployments across any platform.  I haven't worked with it yet but it looks interesting.


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