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Tomcat 7.0.5 Beta is Out

The Apache Tomcat team released Tomcat 7.0.5 on November 24, 2010 but I received the announcement of it yesterday.  Still considered beta, this version fixes a large number of bugs as well as providing fixes for the recent multiple-XSS vulnerabilities in the built-in tomcat manager application.  Some enhancements have also been included in this release like support for parallel deployment, JSP Unloading, and some Tomcat on Windows improvements.

More on parallel deployment (from the tomcat 7.0.5 changelog):

This allows multiple versions of the same web application to be deployed to the same context path at the same time. Users without a current session will be mapped to the latest version of the web application. Users with a current session will continue to use the version of the web application with which the session is associated until the session expires.

JSP Unloading is managed by a new configuration parameter, jspIdleTimeout.  If you have JSP's that have not been requested within that threshold, tomcat will unload the jsp.

Tomcat on Windows changes include shortcut creation of links to manager and host-manager web apps and the ability for the user to select the JVM at time of install.  If a 32-bit JVM or 64-bit JVM is selected, the installer will configure the appropriate service wrapper and install the appropriate native DLL.  

Keeping in mind that this is still beta software and not suitable for production deployments, you can download a copy from a mirror near you.


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