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Redhat vs. SpringSource: It Ain't Over!

Just when we thought that the great SpringSource vs. Everyone brawl had died down, Redhat returns with a new webinar taking aim directly at SpringSource and "other proprietary frameworks" titled: Java EE 6 and CDI: Moving away from the clutter of Spring and other frameworks.  There isn't much time to register as the webinar is on October 14, 2010 at 12 PM ET.

The abstract of the event is sure to ignite a fire in the hearts of Spring fans and advocates everywhere:  

"Java EE 6 standards and technologies, such as JSR 299 - Contexts & Dependency Injection (CDI), significantly reduce the complexity of earlier versions of J2EE.  Now, using Java EE can be even simpler and take much less time than using proprietary legacy frameworks such as Spring Framework."

Yes, not only is Spring proprietary but is a legacy technology as well!  Oh snap!


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