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Groovy News: Gaelyk 0.5.6 Released

It seems like every other article on this blog lately is about a new release of Gaelyk, but there is another one out.  Version 0.5.6 was released today, which is mostly bug fix releases.  From the release announcement:

  • Upgraded to GAE SDK 1.3.8
  • Fixed a bug when using memcache.clearCacheForUri() which didn't clear all the cache entries
  • Added a method Map#toQueryString() to simplify the creation of a query string when you have a map on hands
  • Additonal checks when using Memcache's get() and put() methods when using GString keys (now automatically coerced to normal Strings)
  • Fixed a small bug with the type coercion of Strings into built-in Datastore types

Download it from the Gaelyk project download page.


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