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Adobe AIR 2.5 Now Available!! (But Not Really)

The Adobe MAX 2010 conference is underway and a bunch of announcements have already been made including updates to Flash Builder and Flex but the big news of today is the availability of Adobe AIR 2.5.  Targeting mobile platforms and TVs in addition to Desktops, the What's New in Adobe AIR 2.5 page provides a really good summary of all the changes that 2.5 introduces.  

In fact, the only thing missing from the SDK announcement is an actual downloadable SDK but when it is available, it will be awesome!  Perhaps you were thinking that building applications that can target televisions, desktops, and Android, Blackberry, and iOS devices was too fantastical to be true and with today's announcement and missing SDK, you would still be right!  

Since the keynote announcing these is not scheduled until 9:30 AM PST, perhaps what we are seeing today is a live demo of Adobe's LifeCycle Content Management features!  Editors note:  Zing! This page will be updated when the SDK transitions to meatspace.

UPDATE 1:  The blog post announcing the availability of the downloadable SDK has been updated, which now states that the SDK should be available for download at 12:00 PM PST.

UPDATE 2:  12:20 PM PST.  A comment on the announcement blog indicates that there has been some delay in getting the SDK released.  More info posted as I get it.

UPDATE 3:  At approximately 1PM PST, the 2.5 SDK download appeared but the comments on the announcement page are getting nasty!  


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