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Techstacks Tools September 2010 Site Update

I just updated the techstacks tools site.  Below is a summary of changes.

Site Wide Changes

  • Site updated to run on Gaelyk 0.4.4
  • Site updated to run with Google App Engine/Java 1.3.7
  • Cleaned up some HTML.  Site is still ugly but I'm slowing changing the look and feel here to match my other techstacks sites.

BadUrlChk Changes:

  • Added two additional URL checks.  Site now checks the same URLs that CryptoNark checks.

Bling Changes:

  • Removed the Moreover XMLRPC ping.  Moreover retired the rpc.moreover.com endpoint, folding it into the rpc.weblogs.com endpoint. 
  • Removed, perhaps temporarily, BlogCatalog's RPC endpoint.  This one has been failing for a while.  Returns a 500 - Server Error whenever I try to POST to it.
  • Added NewsGator.  Although the result says that the Ping Failed, the ping doesn't actually fail.  NewsGator is returning results back in a different XML format from the rest of the services.
  • Fixed the bling.groovy script.  For some wacky reason, I had been setting the blogURL parameter twice in the request.

SMPing Changes:

  • Removed Moreover's sitemap ping service.  It appears as if moreover retired this particular ping service.  SMPing now autopings 4 different search engines simultaneously.


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