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Groovy News: Gaelyk 0.4.4 Released

Gaelyk 0.4.4 was just released.  Get it from the Download section on the Gaelyk site.  New in this version, (copied/pasted from the announcement):

  • Updated the Google App Engine SDK to the latest 1.3.7 version
  • Jabber and incoming email groovlets now have their implicit logger (gaelyk.email and gaelyk.jabber)
  • Plugins are now impacting Jabber and incoming email groovlets as well
  • Fixed a bug the conversion of String to Datastore's Category type (thanks for the contribution!)
  • Internal refactorings of the caching logic
  • Added namespace support for multitenancy, added in SDK 1.3.7:
    • a namespace is added in the binding, pointing at NamespaceManager, the SDK class dealing with 
    • new method namespace.of("customerA") { ... } to execute a closure in the context of a specific namespace


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