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Safari 5 Is Out

Apple released Safari 5 today for Windows and OS X.  Get it at the download page.  The What's New page lists all the new features (that were still not cool enough to get a mention during today's WWDC keynote) but some of them include:

  • Safari Reader - This looks like Apple's answer to ad-blocking while simultaneously providing something that will make the bloggers all upset.  Implemented as a toolbar button, once clicked, all sidebars will be dimmed and an on-screen display will pop up offering print, email, and font size control options.  Presumably, Safari Reader will work best with the new html5 article tag.
  • HTML 5 - Safari 5 is adding more HTML 5 support including Full Screen views and closed captioning. 
  • Faster - Performance improvements to the Nitro JavaScript engine and DNS Prefetching hopes to make things snappier.
  • Plugins/Extensions - Safari now adds supports for third-party developed extensions.  The new, free Safari Developer Program provides technical resources, a code signing facility, and developer forums.


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