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18 posts from March 2010


WebSEAL: Enabling Trace Logging

There are going to be times when you will need to enable trace logging in WebSEAL in order to troubleshoot some kind of issue.  To enable, you will need to locate the routing file (typically located in the same directory as your webseald instance configuration file) and uncomment the entry that looks something like this:


Restart the webseald process that you're looking to collect data on but be forewarned, it creates an awful lot of files!

Two New HOWTO's Added

I've added two new HOWTO documents to the Techstacks HOWTO Guides site.  They are search-engine friendlier posts pulled from this blog dealing with common administrative activities regarding the Apache Web Server and Tomcat/JBoss.  The two documents added are: 

  1. HOWTO: Disable HTTP Methods in Apache
  2. HOWTO: Secure SSL in Tomcat and JBoss

This brings the total number of HOWTO documents to ten!  Disable HTTP Methods in Apache is a fairly straightforward use of mod_rewrite rules to disable methods on a site.  Secure SSL in Tomcat and JBoss details what needs to be done to disable weak and anonymous encryption ciphers from a Tomcat (or app server derived from Tomcat) implementation.

Thanks a lot for visiting today!


OpenSSL v1.0.0 Has Been Released

The OpenSSL project team announced that OpenSSL v1.0 has been released.  The announcement lists the major changes and the changelog lists everything.  Source downloads are available at the OpenSSL project site.