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Bling v0.8 is Now Live

I've uploaded an update to bling, which is now an online tool running on Google App Engine.  I've removed the NewsGator and Bloglines ping endpoints temporarily until I can spend some time debugging these requests in order to figure out why they consistently fail.

New in this release is that bling now performs extended XMLRPC pings, so adding a Feed URL is now required.  Bling still utilizes the Gaelyk framework and runs on Google App Engine Java.

Since the soft launch back in the middle of January, the techstacks tools site has had about 60 visits from 15 countries around the world and I just wanted to thank those of you who have given it a try.  This is actually more than I had expected considering the only promotion is a few blog posts and hard-to-read link at the top right of this page.  I hope it has proven useful and I do appreciate any feedback any one has on it or the smping tool.


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