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The Fight Continues!! - JBoss vs. SpringSource

While trolling through my feed subscriptions, I ran across this post entitled:  "EE6 Has Been Approved, Yet…"  It's been a while since I've read anything in "print" regarding my imaginary Sun Microsystems vs. JBoss vs. SpringSource war so regardless of the message this post intended to convey, I am reading the unfinished thought signified by the ellipsis in the title as "EE6 Has Been Approved, Yet SpringSource Sucks".  

Shortly thereafter, the following post showed up on Enter The JBoss Matrix.  In it, the post's author congratulates all, even the "No" voter and the two "Abstain" voters while again alluding to SpringSource's silence.  

The "Where's SpringSource" attention was apparently enough to attract the attention of developer.com, who apparently asked SpringSource what the deal was, which you can read about in the post "What's Wrong With JavaEE 6?".  I must warn you though that even though they spoke with SpringSource chief Rod Johnson, they seemed completely satisfied with his "JEE6 is still kinda sucky" response and didn't feel it was necessary to go into detail on the reasons for this suckiness.  Too bad for developer.com because this probably could have resulted in a story that could have been broken up into one of those multi-page, multi-ad impression generating articles that sites love!

I have been doing some independent research on my own here and I am happy to say that SpringSource has not been silent.  Shortly before news broke that Java Enterprise Edition 6 was approved, SpringSource had this to say:  "Spring 3.0.0 Release Candidate 3 Now Available".


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