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Recent Updates

I've been extremely busy with a major project at work so I haven't had a chance to post as much as I would like lately but there were some update announcements for software I use posted over the course of the last few days that I thought I should mention.  

First off, a day after the release of version 1.6.6, Groovy version 1.6.7 was released.  If I remember correctly, there was some issue with version 1.6.6 and a recent release of grails so version 1.6.7 addressed that issue.  You can download version 1.6.7 binaries from the Codehaus download site.   

Over in the JBoss world, the first milestone release of version 6 of the JBoss Application server was released this past week.  I normally don't comment on non-production releases but it has been a while since the JBoss community has announced something related to JBossAS.  This release also occurred the same week that JEE6 Platform has gotten final approval.

Release Candidate 3 of Spring 3.0 was released on December 1st.  

Camino users were treated with a new release as well.  Version 2.0.1, which addresses security-related vulnerabilities, was released this week.  


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