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16 posts from December 2009


New IIS7 X-Forwarded-For Module From F5

The goodies keep coming this week!  F5 released an X-Forwarded-For module for IIS7 users, which is meant to replace the ISAPI filter for IIS7 sites, (and only for IIS7 sites).  Apparently, Microsoft wants folks to utilize IIS Modules instead of ISAPI filters, so F5 developed this one.  Binaries and Source are available for download but a DevCentral account might be required.

Grails 1.2 Released

Hot on the heels of yesterday's Groovy 1.7 release, the Grails team have released 1.2 of the Grails framework.  New features in this release (which mean little to me at present because I'm only just starting to cover Grails as a new techstack) are:

  • Dependency Resolution DSL
  • Named Query Support
  • Improved Performance & Memory Consumption
  • Named URL Mappings
  • Refactored Testing Infrastructure
  • Pluggable Web Containers

Release notes have been published and you can download binaries from the Grails.org site.


Groovy 1.7 Released

Groovy 1.7 was released today.  Below are some of the new features/enhancements that have been added with this release:

  • Anonymous Inner Classes and Nested Classes
  • Power Asserts
  • The Groovy Script Engine has been rewritten
  • GroovyConsole enhancements adding line numbers and a new output view

The release notes provide a more thorough description of everything included with this release and if you want even more detail, you can look at the JIRA release notes.

Downloadable binaries are located in the usual place.  At the time of this writing, there is no Windows Installer—just the zip archive and the documentation archives.  Keep checking back over the course of the next few days if you prefer the Windows Installer package.