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JBoss Web 3.0-BETA Released

Redhat/JBoss have released the first beta version of JBoss Web 3.  JBoss Web 3 marks a departure from previous versions of JBoss Web, which were based on Tomcat.  JBoss Web 3 looks to be a subset of the JBoss Application Server, (although you can still see a Tomcat heritage in places). 

New features in this release include support for Servlets 3.0, JSP 2.2, and Expression Language 1.2.  JBoss Web 3 also gives us a preview of what the web profile looks like within JBoss Application Server.

The release notes for JBoss Web 3.0 BETA still read a lot like Tomcat's release notes.  Source and Binary Downloads are available at the JBoss Web Download Page but at the time of this writing, the Documentation download link was broken.


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