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SpringSource Releases tc Server Developer Edition Preview

I just downloaded it myself and watched the demo and tc Server Developer Edition actually looks pretty cool.  It integrates tomcat 6.0.20 and an application health and application monitoring tool called Spring Insight, which lets you view in real time a bevy of application and server-related statistics.   Personally, I think developers are really going to love this but this product is not meant for production deployments.

The entry on the SpringSource Team Blog provides an introduction to tc Server Developer Edition.  There is also a short screencast that provides an introduction to the bundled Spring Insight tool.  

Currently a preview release, the cost to get access to SpringSource tc Server Developer Edition is some basic registration information.  Download it when you can.  If you are in operations and/or infrastructure, this will also give you an introduction to the tc Server product and provide some intel on how the product differs from a standard tomcat distribution.

I still have no idea how much SpringSource charges for tc Server.  If anyone out there uses it, let me know and also let me know if you have any opinions on it that we can share.


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