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New HOWTO Article on Setting Up JSessionID Persistence on a BigIP

This Howto was recently updated. Please see this post for more information.

This article serves more as a reminder for me than anything else, since I'm always forgetting the last step.  However, if it serves useful to anyone else out there...great!  

One of the first things I wanted to tackle when we got our spiffy new BigIPs in several years ago was persisting user sessions to tomcat or jboss application servers using iRules.  There are lots of examples of persisting traffic based on JSESSIONID, ASPSESSIONID, etc., but one thing that the budding application traffic manager may not necessarily realize from browsing CodeShare on F5's DevCentral site (login required) is that you don't (always) simply code an irule and attach it to your VIP.  There are a couple steps necessary and this new HOWTO article outlines those steps.

Go to HOWTO: Set Up JSESSIONID-Based Persistence on a BigIP now.


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